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Do I get a deal, if I order a lot of diapers?

Katrina O'Donnell
Updated 8 months ago

If you just have 1 kid, I would urge you to get just 3 day packs (18 diapers that come with 2 charcoal inserts each + 6 charcoal inserts + 6 bamboo inserts + a whole whack of other stuff) - see the full details over here: http://www.lilhelper.ca/lil-helper-day-pack/

You would save about $114 in total when you get the 3 day packs which is savings of $38 per day pack

So if you get the 3 day packs, we can include for FREE - 1 large wetbag to store your dirty diapers ($20)+ 1 small travel wetbag ($10) + 1 burp cloth ($15).

If any of your friends want the 3 day packs, we could do the exact same deal for them as well.

On top of all that you, like all our customers, will receive customer service like you bought a luxury car. If something breaks or falls out, just send us a picture and it will be replaced. We don't even ask for you to send the faulty products back. Call us 24/7 with any question you have- 1-877-2-877-930.

And here's our CEO's cell number if you have any questions or concerns: 

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