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Is coconut oil cloth diaper safe?

Katrina O'Donnell
Updated 3 years ago

Coconut oil has become the most diverse thing in our cupboard, using it for cooking, skin care, hair and even baby bum cream! The question remains, is it cloth safe? Yes and No


We suggest you to be careful with coconut oil as it has a tendency of coating the diapers top layer. This may harm the efficiency of the diaper. The oil can leave the diaper insides sticky and attract dust. However a little is okay.

It has also been known to cause repelling, so small amounts and keep your eyes peeled for repelling!

If you use Lil Helper cloth diapers you don't really need any kind of creams or oils as the purpose of lotions is to keep your baby's skin insulated from the diaper- in most cases disposable diapers that are filled with all kinds of stuff.


Lil Helper diapers are made with cloth which is completely safe and CPSIA compliant to ensure it has no heavy metals, lead or phthalates, thus you don't necessarily need any kinds of creams or oils to keep your baby's skin dry.

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