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Diaper Creams - Safe?

Are Diaper rash creams safe to use with cloth diapers?
Katrina O'Donnell
Updated 2 years ago

I can almost categorically tell you that your child will not need any diaper creams whatsoever when using our diapers. 

Even if you were to use diaper creams, here are 2 good reasons, why you shouldn't be using any creams:

#1: Diaper rash creams or vaseline create an impermeable layer on your baby's skin to protect it against the continuous dampness in a diaper that could lead to a rash. Also, because of the hordes of chemicals used in disposable diapers you want to protect your baby's skin from the chemicals more than the dampness. When you use Lil Helper diapers only natural fabric touches your baby's skin, so no risk of exposure to chemicals. Your change cycle also increases when using cloth thus, the risk of the diaper being wet is less.

#2: The same impermeable layer of waterproof protection that the diaper rash cream forms on your child's bum is also transferred on the cloth diaper making it water-resistant. Moisture won't be absorbed readily if you use rash creams on any cloth diaper, not only Lil Helper. If the diaper cannot absorb pee or poo then it will leak.

To conclude, please do not use any kind of diaper rash cream or vaseline on your baby when using Lil Helper or any other cloth diapers.

Some of our customers use coconut oil, but I wouldn't even recommend that.

*If you must use creams, we recommend you use a liner to protect your inserts

This will be my face if I ever come to know that you used some silly diaper rash cream with our beautiful cloth diapers:


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