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How many diapers do I need?

Singles, multiples and multiple-multiples!!
Katrina O'Donnell
Updated 3 years ago

Diapers recommended with a single child

For a Single Child:

Even washing every other day tends to get very cumbersome and I would honestly suggest you get 3 day packs if there isn't a budgeting issue to make life a bit simpler for you. If you are on a budget get 2 to start.

Also, if you get 3 Day packs, we include for FREE – 1 large wetbag to store your dirty diapers ($20)+ 1 small travel wetbag ($10) + 1 burp cloth ($15).

This infographic does a good job of explaining how many diapers you'd need:http://www.lilhelper.ca/how-many-cloth-diapers-do-i-need/

Diapers recommended for twins!

For twins, we recommend to get just 5 day packs (30 diapers that come with tank inserts already + 10 charcoal inserts + 10 additional Tank inserts + a whole whack of other stuff) – see the full details over here:https://lilhelper.ca/product/cloth-diaper-day-pack/

You would save about $152 in total when you get the 5 day packs which is savings of $32.55 per day pack

On top of all that you, like all our customers, will receive customer service like you bought a luxury car. If something breaks or falls out, just send us a picture and it will be replaced. We don't even ask for you to send the faulty products back. Call us 24/7 with any question you have- 1-877-2-877-930.

And here's our CEO's personal cell number if you have any questions or concerns: 647 885 4642.

Also, when you place your order, please contact our customer support so that they can instruct our warehouse to add the extras to your order.

Please visit this twins page for an exclusive code ;) : https://lil-helper-knowledge-base.helpwise.help/articles/210400-diapering-twins

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