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Toilet Learning

What cloth diapers are best to potty train a toddler?
Katrina O'Donnell
Written 3 years ago

While trying to to toilet train your babe, you don't want to use charcoal diapers since they are stay dry.

If the child does not feel uncomfortable after "an accident" then they might repeat it. Basically you want the child to know that there was bu-bu and it should be avoided in the future. So, we recommend that you just buy our charcoal diapers and leave a note at checkout that you would like charcoal inserts replaced with bamboo inserts.

The bamboo inserts will feel wet after an accident and are a good way to let the child know that maybe next time its better to use the washroom.

If you don't have any of our classic bamboo inserts you can fold up a wipe and lay it on top of the charcoal.
You should definitely check out or training pants. Designed to make babe feel wet and uncomfortable when have an accident and made for easy poop clean up (it will happen haha) and it also gives your little one the ability to pull their "Diaper" up and down as needed!

You can find them here:https://lilhelper.ca/product/zero-a-training-pants/
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