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Diaper leaks from legs

Katrina O'Donnell
Written 3 years ago
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 Firstly, we'll check, are the inserts absorbing?


You can test absorption by putting a few drops of water on the fresh insert. 


If it absorbs immediately then you are fine and if water starts beading up, that means the inserts are repelling which could cause leaks. Let me know if they are repelling.


If the inserts are absorbing well, then you might just need more absorption, in that case just add the large insert or switch on to overnight insert to see what happens.


Leaking from legs mainly occurs when there is a gap or loose fitting. We have an interesting article on our blog to get the correct fit: http://blog.lilhelper.ca/the-right-fit-for-your-not-so-little-lil-one

Or check out our fit app here: https://bit.ly/lh_fitty 

The following link will help to troubleshoot any leak problems  bit.ly/Leaky-app

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