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Lil Helpers aren't for me

If All Else Fails
Katrina O'Donnell
Written 3 years ago
If All Else Fails

Lil Helpers are just not working for me!

We are so sorry that Lil Helpers aren't working for you! We sincerely hope you have contacted our Delight team with all your questions and concerns and they have exhausted all options in their efforts to solve your issues! Our Delight Minions are here to serve and if you haven't contacted them about your issues yet, we highly recommend you do! Our contact email:


If all else has failed, we hope you don't give up on cloth altogether. There are some fabulous cloth diaper companies out there and who knows? They might be your "fluff love" just waiting to serve you!

Mohammed, our CEO, highlights a few of our favourite 'partners in cloth' here:

You can even list your diapers for sale on the Lil Helper Addict B/S/T (Not run by Lil Helper)

Check out these other great companies:









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