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What type of diapers are Lil Helpers?

Katrina O'Donnell
Updated 8 months ago

Are your diapers all in one's? One size fits all? How do they work? Snaps or velcro? Pockets or no pockets? Do you have wet proof covers?

Our diapers are what they call a one size all in 2 ! Meaning we're snaps. All snaps. No velcro (your laundry will thank us later). Have a look at this video here:






Has a bit of info on how-to for snapping (plus a video). That should get you through the putting-on part.




While the covers have a waterproof barrier between layers, if your inserts are full, they're going to leak out via tummy and legs area. Here's a bit about change routine:




For everything you need to know about our diapers, check out the newbie app here:


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