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What if I don't like the print/color of my trial diaper that I received?

Katrina O'Donnell
Written 3 years ago

We are so sorry to hear that you don't like the style of the diaper you received from your trial purchase. We understand that not everyone has the same style (yay for not all being the same!), which is why we strive to make so many different prints and colors.


The reason we offer our diapers at a super low cost for trial purposes is so that you can see the quality and ease of our diapers and hopefully fall in love with them. We actually lose money on them since they are priced so low and include free shipping. 


It is for this reason that we urge you to try your diaper, even if the print/color isn't your favorite. And if you decide you love them and want more, we will gladly send you a code to add to your next order for a free diaper (print or color of your choice) to replace the one you dislike. 

Here is an explanation from our CEO Mohammed on this matter:

We hope you can look past the style and give our diaper a try so that you can see how great they are!

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