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Interested in carrying Lil Helper

Katrina O'Donnell
Updated 8 months ago

I am interested in becoming a retailer.

Thanks for writing in.


We have a retailer program in place for businesses like yours our diapering range at a wholesale price.


To proceed further, please send us more details about your store such as your site address, your website link if you have one, your current baby care product range etc.


Some good things to know about our Retailer Program:

  • The minimum first order is $400 USD and subsequent orders minimum is $250 USD.

  • We invoice the shipping after the order's been weighed etc. so shipping is added after the order. It is billed via paypal.

  • We offer 45% off MSRP

  • We don't allow wholesale clients to buy the starter kits etc. we encourage you to come up with your own "kits" as you feel is best for your customers.

  • We provide support for all products so customers will have to retain receipts.


Feel free to let us know if you have more questions.

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