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Detergent Guide

Here is our guide on detergents to use for your Lil Helper Diapers!
Dez Beaupre
Updated 1 year ago
Common Detergent Index

Detergent NameLiquid or PowderHE safe?Qty for PrewashQty for Main Wash
AllPowderYesline 1line 2
All Free & ClearPowderYesline 2full scoop
Arm & Hammer + OxiCleanPowderDepends on boxline 2line 4
Arm & Hammer + OxiCleanLiquidYes1/2 cap1 full cap
DreftPowderYesline 1-2line 4
DreftLiquidYesline 2line 5
FocaPowderNo1/2 cup1 cup
FocaLiquidYes1 cap2-3 caps
Gain Original (Most Recommended)PowderYesline 1-2line 4
Gain OriginalLiquidYesline 1-2line 4
Ivory Snow (Canada)LiquidYesline 3line 5
Ivory Snow (USA)LiquidYesline 3line 5 to full scoop
Kirkland UltraLiquidYes1/2 cap1 cap
Kirkland Ultra Free & ClearLiquidYes1/2 cap1-1.5 caps
Persil ProCleanLiquidYesline 13/4 cap
Purex LiquidYes1/2 cap or line 21 cap or line 5
Purex BabyLiquidYesline 2full cap
Purex Free & ClearLiquidYesline 2full cap
Purex Natural ElementsLiquidYesline 2line 4 to full cap
Seventh Generation (regular) LiquidYesline 2line 4 to full cap
Seventh Gen Baby Free & Clear 4x Conc.LiquidYesline 3full cap
Seventh Gen Free & Clear 4x ConcentratedLiquidYesline 3full cap
Seventh Generation 4x ConcentratedLiquidYesline 3full cap
Seventh Generation Ultra Power PlusLiquidYesline 3full cap
SunlightLiquidYes1/2 cap1 cap
SunlightPowderNoline 1line 2
Tide Free & Gentle LiquidYesline 3 line 5 
Tide Free & GentlePowderYesline 3 line 5 
Tide OriginalLiquidYesline 1line 3-4
Tide Original (Most Recommended)PowderYesline 1-2line 3-4

** We generally recommend using the amount on the container for a full/ heavy load for your main wash and half that amount for your prewash. **

This is a general guideline only. Soft water may need less detergent and hard water may need more detergent.

** Water hardness over 60ppm will need additional softeners, except for Tide Original Powder (over 180ppm) or Gain Original Powder (over 140ppm).

If your detergent isn't on this list, or you have any questions or issues with your wash routine or water hardness, please reach out to 

Detergents that are NOT recommended: All Free & Clear Liquid, All with Oxi, Arm & Hammer with touch of softener, Arm & Hammer Essentials, Babyganics, bumGenuis, BunchaFarmers Detergent, Charlie Banana, 

Charlie's Soap, DoTerra On Guard, EcoNuts, Ecos, Gain Flings, Great Value Natural Detergent (Walmart), Honest Company, Honest Company 4in1 Packs, Kirkland Free & Clear, Kirkland Ultra Clean Lavender, 

Kirkland Ultra Pods, MelaPower 6x (Melaleuca), Nellie's Laundry Nuggets, Norwex Liquid (2017/2018), Norwex Ultra Power Plus (2014 and older), Norwex Ultra Power Plus (2015 and newer), Purex Ultra Packs,

Rockin' Green (all versions), Seventh Generation Free & Clear (regular), SoapNuts, StinkPot, Sunlight Green Clean, Thieves Laundry Soap, Tide Cold Water, Tide plus Downy, Tide Pods, Tide Simply Clean & Fresh

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