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Trial Diaper Shipping in Canada- Where's my order?!

Katrina O'Donnell
Written 3 years ago

(Currently all trials are being shipped with tracking)

You may be wondering why your trial diaper hasn't arrived yet or why you didn't receive a tracking number with your order...

Well, don't fear we have an answer for you!

You see, our trial diapers are sold at such a low price that we end up losing money from the sale after everything like shipping is accounted for. And with CA Post, the most affordable way to send something is as an over sized letter. Which unfortunately doesn't come with tracking and takes a little longer to arrive.

Now with that said, you should still receive your order within 3 weeks of it being marked as shipped (you should have gotten an email) so please let us know if it is longer than that so we can send you out another diaper.

And we pinky swear that any other order that you place will not take this long to arrive!

Here is our CEO explaining everything with more detail and with undeniable charm! Seriously, you can't stay upset after watching him apologize! 

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