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Miscellaneous Questions on International Shipping / Custom Charges

Katrina O'Donnell
Updated 3 years ago

Thank you so much for choosing Lil Helper for your baby!! It delights me no end when I get people discovering us from all parts of the world.

1) If I choose the international day pack , will I be expected to pay customs?

That depends on the customs officer. We heavily mark-down the cost of the package to around $40 and mark it as a gift, which gives you the best chance of escaping customs. But then we cannot be 100% sure that you will not be charged customs. If you are charged customs, then you will have to bear it as we cannot control those costs.

2) Will it be eligible for the free liners?

We do not send the free-liners internationally. But if you promise to leave us an honest review after you receive your package, then we can certainly include the free stay dry liners in your package.

3) If I get the trial pack and the day pack, does it affect my shipping costs internationally ?

Only the international day pack has the shipping already included in the package. If you order anything over the international day pack then we will have to charge you shipping separately for the trial pack. Basically, we can ship out packages with a max weight of 2 kgs. Once the package exceeds that weight, then we have to break it up into a separate shipment.

4) How long does it take to get packages in the middle east?

Shipping to most countries in the middle east takes 7-15 business days. Your package will be completely tracked so you know the exact location of your package at any given point.

5) How many days on an average does it take to ship domestically in the States? 

Shipping to the states takes less that 3-4 days. All packages are shipped with USPS priority and completely tracked. No duties will ever be charged to packages going into the US- guaranteed.

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