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Let's talk order statuses!

Why is my order showing complete? Processing? Awaiting shipment? What does it mean?!
Katrina O'Donnell
Updated 3 years ago
Thank you so much for placing an order with us, whether you are a new customer or a loyal member of our community, waiting for packages is the hardest thing to do! (Just kidding, we say as our baby screams at us and our toddler hangs off our legs!)

We would love to walk you through the whole ordering process! 

When you are placing an order, it will start out as pending payment until your payment has officially gone through! 

Next is Processing: Yay! Your order is in the system and waiting for our wonderful warehouse ninjas to print it out!

Once printed your order will go into Awaiting Shipment: This means the order has been processed and is in the middle of being filled, packed and sent! If your order has been sitting in this status for a while (a few days) please reach out to us! We may need more information, or worse the print out may have been lost!

Finally the order will go into Completed or Shipped: This is great news! This means the package has left the building and should be on its way to you! Please let us know if you do not receive tracking info and we will get it to you right away! 

Then, we stalk the mail person! 

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