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Repulsion, Dampness and Absorption problems

Katrina O'Donnell
Written 3 years ago
"The overnight charcoal liners are getting soaking wet. The entire diaper shell is dry apart from where the lil helper tag is sewn. Have there been other customers with this same issue? Is it something I'm doing? Please help!"

This appears to be a diaper absorbency issue, where the diaper is not absorbing as much as it should. This can be rectified with a slight change in the wash routine of the diapers.

So this is how you should wash your diapers:

1) Do a pre-wash of the diapers in warm/cold water to get rid of the pee.

2) Use the recommended amount of detergent  on the longest or the heaviest cycle on your machine. Use warm water.

3) Line dry or dry them on low heat on the dryer.


Tide Original comes highly recommended- FYI. 

If you wash your diapers with this washing method a couple of times, it may restore your diapers to its original state and you will once again see them working well for you.

Please let us know how it all works out or if you need help setting up your wash routine! We can be contacted directly at delight@lilhelper.ca

You can check out our wash routine app also:

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