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How to strip

Katrina O'Donnell
Updated 3 years ago
How to Strip? *Reminder, we only ever strip and bleach soak our inserts! Never our covers*


Before you even wonder how to strip, you should figure out for a fact, if you need to strip your diapers. Stripping diapers is a very intensive process with strong chemicals that you should avoid as much as possible.

Stripping MIGHT be your solution if any of these apply to your case:

1) The diapers in questions have been washed repeatedly (over a month) in untreated hard water.

2) The diapers in question are repelling.

3) The diapers are pre-loved and may not have had the greatest wash routine. 

4) You have been using a weak detergent or something that can coat fabric fibers (i.e. homemade detergents, Charlie's, or fabric softener).

Here's a simple method that you can follow that works as well:

  • Mix 3 Tbsp each of washing soda, Borax, and Calgon and 1/2C of a good, strong detergent (preferably WITH enzymes) to improve effectiveness and reduce the risk of any temporary absorbency issues.
(If in Canada, Calgon is tough to find, so you can use 1/4 cup of Borax and 1/4 cup of washing soda, with the detergent)
  • Fill up washer/bathtub or sink with super hot water, add your mix and all the inserts
  • Slosh inserts around in the mixture and let soak for 6 hours or so. Slosh diapers around a few times during the soak.
  • After the soak, wring them out by hand to make sure they are not sopping wet.
  • Wash them on hot water setting with no detergent for the first cycle
  • Soak inserts for 30 minutes in cold bleach soak 
  • Wash inserts 2-4 times as normal (or with the corrected wash routine), no need to dry between washes, simply dry after the last wash.

The mixture above is meant to be used for all of your inserts, wipes, and boosters in a large bathtub since it will not work in a front loader.

The Bleach soak will also be done in the tub, directly after the strip, just drain, rinse and fill back up with cold water and 1/2c-1c depending on how full your tub is.

For the subsequent washes, you will want to wash as normal, using your corrected routine if applicable.

The max temperature recommended for washing your diaper shells is 140'F or 60'C. We typically recommend washing in warm so as not to damage the PUL, which would void the warranty. 

And if you want a two-minute break filled entirely of cuteness, check out this video:

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