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What happens if my order was shipped to the wrong address?

Dez Beaupre
Updated 1 year ago

Please let me say, I am sorry for the inconvenience!

It’s a pain in the rear to deal with any of the shipping companies. Fret not, we have ways to get around it.

So, this is how the shipping costs for an order shipped to the wrong address works: say your order was shipped with Canada Post/USPS for $15. It goes to the wrong address and bounces back to the warehouse. The shipping company will charge us another $15 to bring it back. We have no control over the return, it will come back to us regardless of what we do. Now we pay another $15 to ship it back to you. 

So, in total, the costs of shipping the package becomes $45. ($15 initial shipping to wrong address + $15 return shipping to the warehouse + $15 shipping to the correct address = $45).

If the order was to the wrong address and it was our fault, we take full responsibility for it. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Just sit back, make yourself a mimosa or two and let us handle the dirty work!

Once in a while, the incorrect address is given to us. Say your actual house number is 30 but because you’ve had a long day and, placing the order at 3 am in the morning after getting up and feeding your baby, you mistakenly put house number 38. Or, you forgot to give us your apartment or suite number. Stuff like this happens all the time. If you catch the mistake before the order is shipped out and let us know about it, we will change your address and make sure it is delivered to the right address. However, once the package leaves our door we have no control. If that is the case, we beg and plead with you to help us out with the shipping costs. The best way we can deal with that, is if you help out with half of the shipping expenses. So, of the supposed $45, we’d humbly request you to bear 50% of the total cost. We will still be sharing the cost of the shipping with you, even though it’s not our fault.

Regardless of whose fault it is, if the order is shipped to a neighbour of yours, just go and tell them as quickly as you can that they will be getting a delivery in your name in a day or so and please save the package for you. If you live in a small town or community, you can also talk to your post office or postman/woman and let them know that you are expecting a package with the wrong address and they will gladly still deliver it to you. This will help save all of us a lot of time and cash.

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